Appendix Pain Symptoms


Appendix and Appendicitis

Appendix is an organ included in the digestive system. Its finger like organ that measures around 3 to 4 inches where small and large intestines meets and located in lower right part of abdominals.

Several people, when they encounter the appendix pain symptoms, thought that appendix as a organ without any function inside the human body and therefore they suffer for nothing. Although it’s designed that each body organ has definite function, however in this case appendix function is not yet recognized. With it, a lot of opposing ideas to get rid of the organ surgically are stated since the organ is considered as useless and have been examined not to be functional in the system and removing this doesn’t cause troubles in the health too. Before, it was thought out that appendix serves like storage area for all the microorganisms that reboots digestive system trailed by a disease or illness like diarrhea and some other associated digestive conditions.

Appendicitis Pain Symptoms

Symptoms of this condition are unlimited to abdominal pain and swelling of abdomen, vomiting, nausea, appetite loss, change in bowel movement, hard pass of gas and grumbling appendix.

Learning the exact location of appendix is vital like knowing the causes of abdominal pain you feel and experience. For some reasons that an abdominal soreness is experienced at the lower right quadrant, then there’s a chance that it’s appendicitis.


To identify if these appendix pain symptoms is really an instance of appendicitis, if abdominal pains are felt, you have to press the exact spot where you feel the pain mostly. Rebound tenderness usually felt when you let go of your finger and the pain gets horrible than when you’re pushing it. When the rebound tenderness occurs, then it’s possibly appendicitis.

One more manner to known if it hurts badly is when you lay down on your backside and elevated the right leg by not even bending the knees.

Some advanced appendicitis symptoms are

  • Abdominal rigidity and swelling
  • Pain in right part of abdomen if pressed at left side

Basically, these are two symptoms that swelling has spread out already in the abdominal area. This kind of scenario if left untreated, the appendicitis will advance from mild into being severe. If the infection reached on this level, peritonitis is the name used to it, which is a life threatening condition and you should seek for a doctor’s help right away.

Pain Progression

The pain that is experienced by a person who might be having appendicitis is being felt over the abdomen or stomach. Also this can be felt in upper abdomen or in the navel.

The pain isn’t normally serious at the start but as inflammation develops it starts to give unbearable pain situated within the lower right quadrant of the belly, and if it’s left untreated for more hours this can spread and develop the causes of complications.

Appendicitis rarely is fatal nowadays because of the present safe surgeries and antibiotics. The conditions may affect people and strike more in men than in women. Hardly has it affected kids under three years old. This happens commonly to human ages 10 and above.

This kind of condition must be given attention since if there’s no treatment provided this will only cause a more serious or severe condition within your system that could lead to death.

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